Are Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Are More Advanced?

I have this theory and this ongoing battle with the artificial intelligence community in ai call center agent. They don’t have a talking robot that can get a company job or position through a personal phone interview, or convince someone that he is a focus group coordinator, allowing AI robots to join. . If you look at the chatbots we have today, graduate students who program software seem to be very good at their work. In fact, they are often able to deceive people on the other side of the Internet forum or send emails for a lot of communication.

However, it is clear that on the other hand, both humans and humans discuss robots without the ability to think, but can only combine information and use rhetorical discussion points that seventh-grade students can use in school or discussion club discussions. In other words, they didn’t pass the “Winslow AI Test” that I named myself, of course for ai call center agent.

Yes, Alan Turing’s Turing test is usually considered normal. However, there are now artificial intelligence software working in the helpline that can usually solve problems for others over 36 lines % of the time, or transfer to humans at the time. Not long ago, the New York Times published an article about speech recognition software, which is very important.

One of the questions and answers is: Does the man on the other side have the right to know that he is not talking to another person, but rather an artificial intelligence plan? In fact, this is a very good idea, but if the other person is deceived, then the artificial intelligence program has passed the Turing test. What happens when a conversation takes place in six or eight different directions?

The reason I ask this question is usually that I am speaking as a coordinator of a group of experts working on online operations. We involve individual candidates in ongoing dialogue to see if they can make original comments. If it is possible to do this after several reciprocal exchanges, it is obviously illogical to use them as members of the reflection group, at least for us.

Another question may be: If you are a human resources director, would you use the online chat button to complete the work of the person in the call center by implementing ai call center agent? If the discussion robot can mislead you, then you may seriously consider the curvature of the sound, the correct accent, and the type of subject matter that people discuss during the call.

Even in this case, even if the robot chat is programmed to not be discussed, but provides constructive advice, can it handle a variety of non-theme conversations that may or may not be asked in the message? What now? Start talking? I compared it to a video game that started with a virtual football game, and then one of the players was invited into his car and drove to the airport to fly, which would be an aerospace simulator.

Not that it is impossible, but it becomes more complicated, and may even require artificial intelligence and Watson-sized knowledge to work and ensure that Matrix is ​​ready to respond to this conflict. In addition, artificial intelligence systems should be able to learn to manage and manage different environments. Humans can do this and their ideas are very good. Unfortunately, at present, artificial intelligence is not the case, no one knows, frankly, I think it will be known soon. In fact, I hope that you consider all of this and think about it.