Bitcoin – The Fork In War

Bitcoin is still unstable

After a period of prosperity, the isolation of witnesses in the legal pressure of success in the ecosystem from some very positive market reactions after supervision increased cryptocurrency and other good chains. In particular, the ban on initial works in China and the cessation of currency transactions have had a major impact on the price of Bitcoin (Bitcoin Cash ABC Electrum Claim).

Not all, BitCoin is fair.

This goes hand in hand with many of our favorite anti-government cyber attacks, through unreliable just incorrect items (Bitcoin Cash ABC Electrum Claim), or judging legal pressure. And JPMorgan Chase is famous, in the case of Madoff, by the renegade sub-borrower in the crisis his fame, CEO Jovie Jamie Dimon, himself disguised with his operator’s argument in London’s dark history (CDS Credit default swaps) More recently pirated bitcoin fraud and merchants were surprised by gambling threats for foreclosure. France is Ordonneau Pascal: Therefore, the former CEO of HSBC Invoice Financing provides cards in a decentralized currency;

The economy is getting worse than the subprime mortgage BitCoin.

Not only that, but also the wind, BitCoin.

BitCoin suspicious claim

It is said that the warning of the failure mechanism is such a way that there is little or no concern about seeing the new project BitCoin.

Although it is to be remembered that this is completely legal, Bitcoin also brings a lot of things, and should not understand the technical test of these two important things;

  1. Is the safest bitcoin blockchain visible to as many as 10,000 visible connections to a network of 100 developers contributing to the project?
  2. No one is obligated to use Bitcoin. Everyone is free to join the network, and if you want to leave for a long time, it is no different from the financial system. Currently, the free market value of Bitcoin Public Service Forces, security and law enforcement support their level.

I still challenge some BitCoins

After years of debate, the city is divided into two.

Proponents of the hairpin necklace solution chose to make the blockchain difficult Bitcoin to create bitcoin cash (or more precisely what Bcash); this immediately affects the block size by increasing the ability to improve the process, which is almost useless and therefore will not Benefit Bcash.

In the morning of adoptive parents, thinking for parents, praying, and those who benefit from scalability, respect a series of independent witnesses, one who received the quote currency of Barry Hilbert Digital Media Group (New York, just as you As you can see, the size of the second implementation of SegWit comes from the main one.

All held the breath hard bitcoin and Bcash, but the unexpected success network was divided. End users may also feel that these are just positive effects of the front fork, and most of them are free to enter the new corner. However, if the cumulative value of the two chains, it is actually greater than the original value of the original online, this will have more than one, is denied, the external part of the end user, not necessarily aware, because we remember Jimmy The era of the song. BitCoin broke the meeting;

But the platform to change the nature, it is difficult to generate significant costs from the gallows, including the creation of new structures, software monitoring to new, that is, it is necessary to list new and new. He came to allow customers to withdraw money, and he, as a sign…

Merchants and payment processing hinder the execution of their functions and require the use of new buildings.

For portfolio providers, they need to develop ways to implement new tools because they separate parts and so on.