Buy Real Instagram Followers- How To Have More Followers On Instagram?

For us, there are two ways to build a strong Instagram community. Most people tend to either buy followers (effective technique – especially for launching – but can be risky) or organic growth (very slow). In order to help you live with your passion, our advice is: do both. It’s that simple ? Yes.



So yes, it may seem silly but you would be amazed at the number of people who claim to build an empire on Instagram but are not able to take a picture properly framed. A modern smartphone will be able to take pictures of a quite satisfactory quality, for a licked effect you can get a Pixter smartphone  lens .


If you are new and do not know which style suits you best, create multiple accounts and post several photos of a style on each account. Including an account devoted to black and white, one for sepia photos, etc … Now ask for a maximum return to the people around you, do not be shy, there are no bad reviews! Once you have found the style that highlights your talent, be consistent , persevere !


This advice applies to any content strategy on the internet . Share on all known networks, you are never safe to find a good audience on tumblr or others.


Using local hashtags is a very powerful way to reach users close to you. Find popular Instagram accounts around you. Just look for ‘best Instagram account + city’ and look at the hashtags they use for their photos. Use these hashtags to increase interactions with your post and your business!


Once you have followed these few indications, you are well with your out of the ordinary content and your 35 followers. Do not panic, this is where you can invest in buying followers. If your content is quality and well calibrated, buying likes will make the effect of a multiplier and greatly increase your credibility!

How to have more Like on Instagram

Instagram is 800 million monthly users, 95 million photos and … nearly 4.2 billion “likes” every day . Among them: your photos, but few people see them and it’s unfair! We will not hide it, the Instagram game is to collect as many “likes” as possible, and that’s why you find yourself reading this article! Here in 10 lessons how to get more ❤❤❤!

Do not deprive yourself!

It may be a rule that seems obvious, but if you do not put your account in “public” mode, the rest of this article will not help! For that, go on the little gear on your profile, and disable the private account.

The content is King

And yes ! Some types of photos are more interesting than others, starting with … photos of YOU! Yes, you, you. Show us your head, that of your friends, your animals. On average, you will get 35% more likes on photos of you alone or in community. This advice also applies to the profile picture! Try to distinguish yourself from others in your photos: do interesting things, funny, explore new places, share a unique moment … think as if your Instagram was the photo album of your life, good times are made to be shared! Be careful not to leave too much empty space on your photos: a photo with several elements and a real decor are more likely to interest your audience. Opt for colors colder than hot! It is a fact, images where red, orange and yellow are the most present are less appreciated than those with shades of blue or green. In addition, images that are too bright have 7 times less “likes” than so-called dark photos. Friends of the bright colors, this is a warning.