Do You Expect The Government To Solve Network Security Problems?

I read an article about how our beloved government intends to fight cybercriminals and read cybercriminals who commit hackers in our government and professional computer systems. Of course, its main purpose is to invade your computer system using viruses and various malicious programs.

Of course, the problem with these people is that they deliberately damage computer systems and websites. Viruses and malware can make your life more difficult. Even if these people do not specifically damage the cybernetic system, they will show others how and why they tried to harm them for whatever reason. Sometimes I get angry with a company or a certain type of company, sometimes with a nihilistic personality.

Our government wants to abolish cyber security intruders!

We will establish a new government agency to examine the background of existing and potential government employees. Create a group of brave and brave cyber security fighters.

If it is good! We will eventually create a new federal background check using viruses and malware to eliminate all cybercriminals.

After months of reflection, we all heard that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) documents were hacked, and about 22 million seniors and current federal employees stole a lot of personal data. . I still remember the example of this helpless government giving the director a prize.

In any case, OPM’s press officer told the New York Times that they needed a lot of cyber security (Cyber ​​Security Courses) personnel to protect and even respond to cybercriminals.

Cyber ​​security experts will break into the wall and endanger all malware and viruses!

Long live the warrior of cyber security.

correct! This will make your hair wavy, isn’t it?

We all know now that all cybercriminals are constantly worried.

The new agency will be known as the National Background Investigation Bureau (BNIB). These cyber warriors will conduct background checks in the Department of Defense and design and build an information security system and a new institution’s computer to accomplish this feat.

Federal News Radio said it will also benefit from the data storage and security (Cyber ​​Security Courses) of the new system. We understand that BNBB and its medical staff will work in the Personnel Management Office. The president will appoint us to execute. It seems that the release date of the new organization is still unclear, but the work of the project will definitely begin later this year. more or less.

You can remember how President Obama ordered a 90-day review of the government’s information security (cyber security courses for beginners) policies and practices. It is July. Most of us are excited about the possibility of solving global virus protection problems.

In any case, he asked for an additional $95 million to pay for the new agency.

You will remember that this is the second time you have resolved the government authorization process. In September 2013, after a computer contractor killed 12 people in the Washington Navy office, he asked for a comprehensive assessment of the employee safety assessment process. In March 2014, the government announced that it had accepted 13 recommendations. These recommendations include ongoing review of workers and contractors, rather than sporadic controls they perform. They also want better access to state and local information for federal background checks and consistent basic requirements for federal employees and contractors.

So, do you see all the available solutions? Neither do I. Good luck, if you wait for the federal government to solve some cyber criminals that damage the computer system.The typical government has a lot of noise and small nuts.