Guarding Your Dog In Vacation

Are you going on vacation or traveling and do not know how to keep your dog? Know that there are many solutions for the care of your dog:

  • Dog sitter in a host family
  • Dog guard at your home
  • Dog walks

Solutions for dog care

As we all know, our doggies all have a character of their own and that makes their personality. There are different guarding solutions to keep your dog, These guard services are real alternatives to the dog board.

Dog sitter in a host family

This benefit is the most requested to keep your dog. The day of your departure on vacation, you entrust your companion to one of our doggy day care who will bring him all the attention so he will need. Beagle, Bouvier Bernois, Malinois and other doggies, whether social or solitary, a serious person will be present to welcome and take care. The dog-friendly or dog-sitting dog guard is ideal for dogs who do not like to be alone and who need attention. The guarding of dogs is more and more widespread and represents a real alternative to the pensions for dogs.

The dogsitter at your service, who performs the delivery of dogsitting, welcomes your companions at home. Thus, dogs are taken care of discovering a new temporary living space in which they can flourish.It is important to choose a doggy day care near you to reduce the impact that such separation can have for your pet. Animal care is quite common in France and with our base of more than 100 000 petsitters you can be sure to find a dog board that will suit both your dog and you. In addition, our teams ensure that every pet sitting service goes as smoothly as possible. We also offer warranties that allow you to go away and vacation serenely.

Home dog guard

For this guard, your dog does not move because it’s the doggy day care that takes place at your home to take care of your companion! The time of your absence, the petsitter settles at home to keep your dog with the obligation to sleep at your home. The petsitter is free of his occupations during the day (work, sport) but in the evening, instead of returning to his home, he goes home to find your companion and take care of him until your return.

Home care is not home sitting: household chores or other daily activities are not part of the petsitter’s mission. The main mission of the petsitter is to take care of the well-being of your pet until your return: food, water, walks, cuddles …

The home dog guard is ideal for dogs who do not like the change of environment and who are accustomed to their comfort. Indeed, although domestic, your dog has habits and seeing you go on vacation can be traumatic for him. That is why it is essential to call on a person of trust, serious and whom you met upstream.

Dog walks

The principle of dog walks is simple. Unlike a home dog guard, the dogsitter will not sleep at your home. He will go home during your vacation, a number of times defined beforehand, to feed your companion, make him go for a walk and bring him all the love and support that it is possible to bring. This formula is suitable for dogs who do not like to change environment and who are used to staying alone. The petsitter does not sleep on the spot, it is necessary to be sure that your companion lives well solitude and that it has the habit of sleeping without you.

In addition, you can also define upstream the number of walks per day or week depending on your needs and those of your companion. The duration of a dog walk can vary depending on your pet between 30 and 45 minutes. Each animal is pampered, it is cuddled because it is essential to take care of it.