Here Are The First Concepts For Thor’s Hammer

Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, is a central element of the Marvel film universe. He asked a lot of work and thought before being the one we know in the movies.

Before Chris Hemsworth’s Thor was this huge box office success and one of the MCU’s most beloved characters, his famous hammer was a real headache. Indeed, how to make a film on Thor , with the sumptuous and flamboyant aesthetic of Asgard intact, while ensuring that it comes to be added perfectly to the rest of the universe, and thus coexist with Iron Man and Captain America?

Some concepts for Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir

The Thor movie answers the question in the best of ways. But to achieve this, it took many, many phases of experimentation. The artist Charlie Wen, one of the main artists behind the designs of the MCU, shares some concepts today. These make it possible to explain the creative choices behind one of the most important elements of this global aesthetic, Mjolnir himself, Thor’s hammer.

If one believes these drawings, this hammer could have been much more eccentric. As Charlie Wen says, breaking all codes is an integral part of the conceptualization process, but in doing so, the artist sometimes gives rise to more subtle yet very interesting designs. There are thus in this lot of very minimalist hammers and others of which escape a magic power certain, worthy of toys for the children.

Some are very successful

Take the time to really look at all these concepts, to look at their details, some are really very successful. Thor’s hammer that we all know today is quite successful too, right?

An engineer recreated the true hammer of Thor, Mjolnir. Beyond resuming its appearance, as in Marvel movies and comics it can only be raised if you are “worthy”.

Allen Pan is an American engineer obviously a fan of Marvel and who has a lot of ideas. The latter has indeed made a replica of the famous hammer Mjolnir Thor with a peculiarity: like the original, it can only be raised by someone who is worthy. In Marvel movies, the only Nordic hero who can lift him is Captain America, who just manages to shake him in Avengers: Age of Ultron . Of course, no magic in this replica, but an ingenious system.

An engineer a little hammer

In the hammer head are microwave electromagnets, an Arduino Pro Mini micro controller and batteries, while on the neck a fingerprint reader is present. Thus, without the fingerprints of the engineer, Mjolnir is automatically magnetized to all metal surfaces and impossible to take off by force as shown in the video below. Unless you’re a little clever like the last person to try it in the end, obviously.

Even Thor would not be worthy

It will be noticed that under his video the engineer says with humor: ” if anyone knows Chris Hemsworth or Stan Lee let them know that I can register the fingerprints of several people in the hammer”. Strongly Captain America’s “boomerang” shield.

As the pressure rises from film to the highly anticipated and probably very serious Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel decided with Thor: Ragnarok to reintroduce characters absent for a while while drawing inspiration from the humor and other elements used in Guardians of the Galaxy movies , highly appreciated by the public. If on the paper and in the trailers this mixture makes you want, what is it really once before the complete film? Place our criticism, without additional spoilers compared to what has already been shown in video.