How To Lose Belly Fat Fast?

I have always wondered what it takes to reduce the stubborn belly fat. No matter how much I go on a diet or work out, nothing seems to work. God ! Only if I could chop that excess fat out of my body without any hassle. But that’s just a dream. I have spent endless time on rigorous online research, made diet charts, skipped meals, overloaded myself with stress and the end result –say hi to the tyre which still doesn’t want to leave me. After months of doctor visits and gym encounters, I have finally found a key to success. It is definitely not a one day game changer. As said by the legends, failures are the stepping to success. So taking one step at a time has not just helped me bid adieu to that belly fat, it has also brought upon a lot of benefits along side. So what did I do to reduce my belly fat? Hear me out :

  1. Quit drinking and smoking – trust me most of our belly fat is due to those gallons of alcohol being poured down our throats. Bonus is you start feeling more healthy and beautiful once you stop these biggest hurdles.
  2. Start drinking more and more water –I like to carry a 1L water bottle with me all the time with a goal to drink and refill the bottle a minimum of 4 times = 4L water everyday.
  3. Say no to any processed or fast food – we all have cravings for a thin crust pizza or McDonald’s burger or be a street side food joint, learn to say no. I started cooking more at home thanks to YouTube in no time I learnt to prepare some delicious healthy snacks too.
  4. Reduce your sugar intake – a lot of times we end up with high sugar intakes which eventually finds it’s way to get stored in our belly, thighs and buttocks. Avoid sugar as much as possible.
  5. Change your carb intakes – instead of reducing, change your rich processed carb filled food items with unprocessed starchy carbs. This will not just help reduce belly fat, will also ensure your daily carb intake is right up to the mark and increase your metabolism rate.
  6. Avoid sweetened beverages – beverages like coca cola or Pepsi come with a high quantity of processed sugar content. I prefer fresh fruit juice or a fruit bowl anytime over sweetened beverages.
  7. Regular exercise – including some aerobic exercises in your daily routine will help you get better in shape. I like to run and jog on odd days while on even I prefer working out at home which includes crunches, planking, sit ups and yoga. This helps me maintain a balance of not over doing it.
  8. Get proper sleep and reduce stress – this being one of the most important factor which leads to body fats. Ensure to get proper sleep and try to avoid stress. Stress levels play a major role in terms of physical as well as mental. A 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep is highly recommended.

These are the things which I have been following personally and has helped me not just lose weight as well as get rid of unwanted belly fat. This routine has made me more bold, strong, confident and energetic. Now I can say hello to those beautiful swim wears which I always wanted to wear. But this doesn’t guarantee that you too will find success. Each of you need to understand the first and foremost thing is each body is different and so are their functions. So based on the type of the body, life style, dietary intake – I have outlined some steps which you can follow to get into better shape.