Investing In Luxury Watches What Brands To Buy?

The truth is that I am passionate about watches. I believe that through the watch, it can be transmitted and you can know, much of the person who wears it on your wrist.  It is without a doubt my favorite complement. So much so that I have thought of investing in luxury watches , since there are many more people than me, who value and appreciate the virtues of a good watch. In addition, the luxury sector is one of the most insensitive to inflation and can provide an interesting diversification factor. Especially if you think, that a stock market crash is close and you want to protect your money.

Of course, I would also understand, if you think that investing in watches is a real madness. But let me ask you, have you thought or commented recently on investing in bitcoins after its strong revaluation? I think you’ll agree with me, that you can have a lot more certainty of what you’re buying, if you decide to invest in luxury watches than if you do it in cryptocurrencies . And there are watches that have multiplied by more than one hundred its price. But the question is, when the time comes and if you want to invest in luxury watches , what watch brands are best to invest? Where to buy them? Which watches are revalued more? How much money do you need to invest in watches? As with art, jewelry or other desirable collectibles, it is important to have professional advice, if you do not want to throw away your money or be a victim of a scam. Let’s start by the beginning.

Is Luxury watches online a good investment?

A luxury watch , in addition to an excellent fashion accessory, is a sensational gift item. And regardless of its capacity for revaluation, it can be a fantastic legacy loaded with a high sentimental component and high symbolism. A scene from the Tarantino film, Pulp Fiction, comes to mind in which the capital Koons (played by Christopher Walken) makes a 3-minute monologue on a clock loaded with history that gives the little Butch (Bruce Willis) ). I do not know if you remember it . For most, a watch is an expense and beyond the aesthetic does not bring much more. Some, however, are willing to pay something more and invest money in a high-end watch to show off a more exclusive brand. Others really appreciate, the mechanics and precision of a good watch. But for none of these cases, a watch will never be a good investment.

However, there are people who want to spread the risk of their investments and beyond stocks, funds or real estate, also invest in watches and other jewelry, which provide another type of satisfaction to their owners, in addition to those of any financial investment. For these exclusive buyers with high purchasing power, they are a good investment. Then for you they can be too.

Best Brands to invest in Luxury Watches

Maybe for some people, a luxury watch is an example that costs € 600, since it seems to them a real waste to spend such an amount of money on an object to look at the time. But for those amounts they do not even have the appeal to incorporate it into a watch collection . Although they can be very popular. For these prices, one of my favorites is the Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic XLS in some of its versions. That’s why when I talk about investing in luxury watches , I’m thinking about top brands. And evidently of amounts not suitable for all pockets.

For figures between € 2,000 and € 5,000, some models of certain firms, only guarantee you to keep the value in time and in exceptional cases, revaluations of 10-15%. Although in this range you can find authentic jewels of very good quality. The Seiko Astron 8X Series Chronograph I love, especially SSE003. In the upper part of this price range, you can buy a good Omega. The seamaster or speedmaster are a great choice. One of my favorite pieces is the Omega speedmaster moonwatch professional chronograph 42 mm. Very elegant.

For a little more money and almost making the leap to the top rank, the Omega speedmaster moonwatch co-axial master chronometer moonphase chronograph 44.25 mm in steel, is already a very elegant exclusive piece, which can begin to be considered a luxury watch . Its price is around € 9,600. Coming to these figures, a good Omega can be in competition, with some piece of a supermarket like Rolex , which has traditionally been considered a safe investment in the field of investment in luxury watches online . For € 11,600, you can buy a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in steel , which is in great demand. So much, that there is even waiting list .