Marina One Residences- What’s The Typical Day Of A Real Estate Agent?

Whether in the context of a rental or transactional mandate, the real estate agent has a unique mission: to sell, and if possible as much as possible because it is his way of making a living.

Given the magnitude of the task, how does the typical day of a real estate agent go? Focus on the backstage  of real estate agent business that is still paradoxically little known …

The morning agenda of a real estate agent- Marina One Residences

Given the mission it is invested, the real estate agent has a full range of daily work and, we must admit it quite exhausting. Thus, in the case of a bargaining agent, for example, he begins his morning agenda upon his arrival at the office by the bailout of his real estate freelance.

In the technical jargon, real estate is the real estate agent’s database to list all the ads that can be transformed into mandates, distributed to all existing media systems.

To come back to the real estate agent, he must therefore, as has been said, validly establish each morning his freelance by systematically scanning all the announcements published in the specialized journals and on the websites dedicated to the matter.

Regarding the latter hypothesis, to be as efficient as possible (because time is money!), The real estate agent almost always uses specialized software that automatically harvests in its place. interesting ads and sometimes even directly contact the owners of identified properties.

For the negotiator benefiting from such a helpful help, the important task of his morning on this point is then the verification of the ads sent and reconciliations with his portfolio buyer and seller.

He will be able to contact the potential sellers, appoint them an appointment and suggest that they go to the agency(Marina One Residences) to discuss the project in more detail.

Once the “checking” of his freelance carried out, the real estate agent will then pass to the second essential point in his agenda of the morning: the call of the clients-owners of the property he holds in mandate. The goal is to report on the status of their “file” to keep them abreast of developments. For example, tell them how many people have been interested in their property so far and have asked to visit them.

Real estate agent’s agenda in the afternoon- Marina One Residences

Once the time-consuming part of real estate freelance, reconciliation and customer contact made, the mid-day will already be in most cases well consumed.

So, it is time to move on to the next important point: visits of assets to mandates.

It is a question of showing interested potential buyers (or tenants) the goods entrusted by clients to the agency(Marina One Residences).

Although interesting, this component can reveal itself, it must be admitted, sometimes exhausting because it requires to visit many goods by potential buyer, to move so often, to convince on the spot the potential purchasers of the merits of this property real estate in line with their research …

But this is the exciting part of the day because it allows the real estate agent to fully exercise his work as a negotiator and client advisor and to be in direct and privileged contact with his prospects and clients.

Between visits, the agent can also often take the time to go out on the ground to meet individuals who want to put their goods on the market too. Although time-consuming, such initiatives can indeed be just as effective for the constitution of his personal freelance.