The Secret To Becoming A Lottery Winner

Raise your hand, who wants to win the lottery (lottery secrets review)? Come on, admit: spend millions more in the bank than teeth!

Recently, the winners of the lottery were interviewed 38% said they always thought it would happen to them, and 50% of the winners even said that they would win. More than half of the respondents said they were “very lucky.”

So, can positive thinking and attractive rules become the key?

Recently, more and more people are talking about the law of attraction. Basically, it says, just like attracting, and we “think” more, we attract our lives. Now, before you get lost, let me tell you that this is a universal law, just like gravity, although we can’t see it, we know it exists.

Basically, this means that no matter what we care about most, we will attract our lives. If you still dream of winning the lottery, then you will attract it. On the other hand, telling people how unhappy you are will cause more “bad luck” in your life. Wait a minute, I can hear you shouting “If this is the case, why am I not a lottery millionaire? I always tell people that one day I will win it, I will dream of having a big

The law is simple, but most of us have very vague ideas around us. Then, in an instant, he can say “I want to win the lottery” and the law of attraction will begin. Therefore, your thoughts will try to rationalize with you and say: “Don’t be stupid, you will never win”.

What we now know is that emotions will increase the vibration of your thoughts. Once you start to feel that you can’t win, it will keep your dreams away from your tentacles.

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By simply understanding how the law of attraction works and choosing to change your mind is positive, you can show more desire. If you believe that you are “unhappy” or “you are still bankrupt,” then you may need to work harder in this skylark event you may want to investigate a little more about the law. A good start is to watch “secrets”: this movie has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world, and you can watch the first 20 minutes of free minutes on YouTube.

Here are some tips for improving your lottery success rate:

1. Decide how much you want to win in the lottery


Write this number on a few sheets of paper and place it in the house or office you often see. For example, in the refrigerator, on the ceiling of the bed, close to the computer. This should be a number, you “believe” If you want a million pounds, but your mind screams “dreams”, choosing a number is more acceptable to you.

2. Word statement

Every morning and every night, look at this number and say: “I won the X book and all my dreams come true”  Replace X in the amount you need. You can invent your own lottery statement; just make sure you say it is over. Jump up and down; shout “Thank you!” – Imagine what you will do, excitement and gratitude

3. Display

Before you get out of bed, imagine what you will do with money, how do you feel Imagine what this amount would look like.

He is very grateful that you won the lottery

I believe the winning ticket is coming to you! Grateful

5. Buy a ticket!

This is the most important step. In order to give your dream a chance, you must take action. Surprisingly, how many people plan to win lottery (lottery secrets review) tickets, but never let their bets buy tickets.

6. Have fun

Once you have bought the ticket, go and relax something that makes you laugh. Forgot your number. What will be. By playing and laughing, you increase your positive vibration and it will make you more attractive wealth

From now on, write down the amount you want to win and try it What should you lose?