Things To Keep In Mind When Renting A Bounce House

Let’s face it, bouncing houses are fun! No matter if you have four 54: There are some interesting things, you throw your warm home, sweet, full of air! It’s like a trampoline, except we can’t have any problems!

Even in this case, even the happiest and most interesting activities have some features to consider to keep it happy and fun. They are no exception. Here are a few simple and important things that you should keep in mind to help you with your planning/thinking steps and fun.

1. Insurance

It has a good reason to be the first on the list. It is very important to ensure that the company you rent is insured. Not only that, but it is also important to ensure that rents are guaranteed. Some companies advertise their insurance policies, but these policies only cover certain bouncing homes (bounce house rentals glendale az). If a person is injured at a party and the rental company is not insured, they can sue a lot of money. Be careful here.

2. The age of the bounce house

It can only accommodate so many years of child pressure, sugar (and his father, uncle and aunt love to play, squeeze sugar) began to show their age before jumping: vulnerability, thinness, stains / leaks, etc. This is not only an aesthetic issue, It is also a security issue. At the time of purchase, please place this question at the top of the list.

3. Disinfection

Make sure the company you rent has good bounce hygiene. Keep in mind that these items are meant to fill those who like to put their fingers into everything that moms say don’t touch. The concepts of “eat” and “bounce” sometimes produce unexpected results when executed in the wrong order. So make sure the company stays clean and maybe buy one or two bottles of Lysol of course!

4. Thermal solutions.

Many rooms that guarantee bounce houses (bounce house rentals glendale az) are summer bumps. Therefore, you need to find a way to increase internal heat. Organize your evenings on a cool day or make sure to keep items in the shade. There are several different ways to solve this problem. Decide which one is best for your party.

5. Supervision

Remember: children have amazing muscle power in these small squares… this means they will return to their place especially when they have fun. In a flexible house there is a six-year-old boy who buries the plastic into his small heart and the content is good, but adding five other children in the mixture (including eight children may be a lightweight already) and injured And the risk of sudden confusion has increased dramatically. So… your job is to be a good partner. Pay close attention to the bounce. Other parents, rental locations and your insurance company will be very happy that you have done it!

6. The rules of the bounce room.

This corresponds directly to the fifth and is different, but is largely a good companion. The antics of children who are excited about the quality of business may quickly degenerate into anarchy without a clear set of rules and good executioners. Your list may include the following guidelines:

  • There are no teenagers or adults and children.
  • There are no shoes in the bouncing room. (ie hard soles = bouncing houses and other children’s damage)
  • Bounce first and eat later.
  • Wait, etc. You will know which rules are best for your party participants.

7. What do you need to provide / do

Before installing the bounce room, please consult the rental company to find out if you have any supplies, supplies or preparations. Do you need to provide a generator? Will you take the shrinking item away and inflate it, or will it be sent? Just make sure everything is ready in advance so that there is no problem on the day of the party.